At Set & Drift, we grow the FjordLux oyster using the flip-bag method. Located near the entrance of Hood Canal, our farm receives ocean crisp water from Admiralty Inlet that mixes with mineral-rich river water from the Olympic Mountains.

One of the first navigation lessons that a mariner learns is “set and drift”, a term for the natural forces that impact a ship’s path while underway. Before we started our farm we worked as officers aboard fisheries research vessels. Our work took us from the tropical Caribbean to the frigid Bering Sea, but, being north-westerners, there was nothing that connected with us like the Puget Sound, and we decided to put our roots down in the area.

Through our jobs on fisheries research vessels, we’d learned that 90% of the seafood that the U.S. consumes is imported, often produced in poor conditions and without stringent environmental regulations. Being from a state where good, local seafood is a part of life, this left a big impression on us and greatly influenced our decision to start an oyster farm. The farm combines our love of being on the water with a local, sustainable product we can be proud of.

At Set & Drift, we seek to work in tandem with nature. We care deeply for the surrounding land and water, and donate a portion of our oyster sales to conservation and restoration projects local to our tidelands.

We have cared for these oysters at every step, from their planting on bright, calm spring mornings, to tending by hand during cold, wet winter nighttime low tides. We are thrilled to be sharing the one-of-a-kind FjordLux experience with you.

Your farmers,

Van and Alice

Set & Drift LLC